Stabi-Craft Boats

Stabicraft have been designing and building positive buoyancy boats for many years. They are built to last beyond what ever you may ask of them. These boats are rugged and virtually unsinkable! The unique and highly stable hull design allows greater payloads and rougher seas to be navigated.

Boat Of The Month

September's Boat Of The Month
Stabicraft 1600 Fisher -Carbon Series
Our Spring Special!!

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1410 Explorer

The Stabicraft 1410 Explorer is the best aluminium chambered boat for inshore fishing and diving and as a tender and general runabout.

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1410 Frontier

The little brother to the popular Stabicraft 1850 Frontier, the 1410 Frontier is built to fish. Its simplicity makes it the perfect aluminium chambered fishing boat.

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1410 Fisher

A perfect entry level aluminium chambered boat, boasting the no-frills practicality of the Fisher range with the safety and strength Stabicraft boats are known for.

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1600 Frontier

Like its Fisher counterpart, the Stabicraft 1600 Frontier is full of innovation, ergonomics and uncompromising aesthetics. Buying a boat like this will give you unsinkable confidence on the water.

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1850 Frontier

If your addiction is blue-water fishing look no further than the Stabicraft 1850 Frontier aluminium chambered fishing boat.

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1600 Fisher

The 1600 Fisher is arguably the most innovative, ergonomic and best looking Stabicraft boat on the planet. It is a result of extensive research and design from our pioneering New Zealand marine team.

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1850 Fisher

When a little more is needed the Stabicraft 1850 Fisher is the answer. Based off our successful 1650 Fisher aluminium chambered boat, with added length, the 1850 Fisher gives the avid fisherman and family more room to enjoy the water.

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1850 Supercab

Designed to meet market demand for small, light, trailer-friendly, all-weather boating. The Stabicraft Supercab 1850 aluminium chambered boat defies its size to perform above its class.

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2400 Supercab

The big brother to the Stabicraft 2100 Supercab with an extra 3 feet of length gives a lot of additional space and options to make your blue-water experience or overnighting much easier and more comfortable.

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