Boat Finance

Boat or motor financing lets you get what you want, NOW.

We want to help you start enjoying your boat or motor sooner. Our finance options have been developed to do just that.

A fast, state-of-the-art, industry-friendly, retail finance package that can be delivered to you by us.

What sort of loan is right for you?

We have a retail finance solution to suit your requirements, whether you are a private purchaser or a business applicant.

What are the Advantages?

We understand what it means to be customer friendly. Marine North has been supplying innovative and exciting boat and motor packages for nearly 40 years. We want to ensure that you enjoy our boats even sooner.

Marine North financing is a quick and easy-to-use service that offers a range of flexible repayments from 24 to 60 months – you choose the option that best suits you!

We can also finance your insurance needs as well as accessories. Now there is even more reason to take advantage of the benefits financing can offer you.

What Information is Required?

Applying for a loan is simple. Your details and answers to some brief questions are either entered into our finance system.

This information will include your driver’s licence details, where you live and where you work, and your annual income and commitments. Once your application has been processed, and subject to satisfying the lending criteria, a credit decision will be given, usually in a matter of minutes.

There is no need to worry about waiting for paperwork as all the forms and loan documentation are available online and can be handled at the dealership.

Financing provides a real alternative to banks and other financial institutions. For more information on how to apply, talk to us!

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